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June 18, 2020

BETA CAE Systems announces the release of the v7.0 of its License Manager

Regarding the download of BETA LM v7.0 here

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About this release

BETA CAE Systems announces the release of v7.0 for BETA License Manager, with extended capabilities and highly anticipated features.

Note that some of the implemented new features are dependent to the version of the BETA CAE Systems software products. This means that they are compliant only with specific versions of the software of BETA, as marked in the documentation accordingly.

However, all previous software versions will continue working either with BETA LM v6.4 or v7.0.

There are many new things to look forward to in this new version:


Known issues resolved
Recommended GPU (OpenCL Support) requirements
Virtual Machine Environment


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The capability to filter the licensed features, so as to idle, limit, allow or deny their usage, based on user, group of users, IP address or hostname, has been introduced.

The new time-based licensing scheme offers flexibility through a time-based batch credit system, designed to serve a huge number of small jobs (e.g. ANSA/META scripts in a DOE study).

New potential arises with the Virtual Machine support - as well as with the teamed network interface support.

Abundant developments took place providing enhanced performance, better stability and enriched reporting, such as: BETA software suite version & GPU, as well as detailed shared BETA software suite information in beta_lm_stat, total clients connected and total/average waiting time in beta_lm.log and many more.


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Known issues resolved

Communication with License Manager

BETA suite would fail to cycle through all the available License Servers, when trying to re-acquire license credits.

On top of that, as far as the Idle User Timeout is concerned, ANSA would fail to turn in Idle Status, while remaining in Launcher window mode.

Network Interfaces

When switching network interfaces, the Shared Licensing feature would not always be respected.

Moreover, BETA License Manager might fail to generate a valid host key, in case of teamed network interfaces.


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Recommended GPU (OpenCL Support) requirements

The following presents the recommended GPU requirements for ANSA-META v14.x.x and later:

Radeon HD 7xxx, 6xxx (with at least 1GB of video memory size)
Firepro W series, V series (with at least 1GB of video memory size)
Tesla (all) (with at least 1GB of video memory size)
Quadro (with at least 1GB of video memory size)
i3, i5, i7
(Intel Platform is also supported, with the prerequisite that "Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications 2012-13" is already installed.)


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Virtual Machine Environment

-Any instance of an application launched through a Virtual Machine or Machine of NIC Teamng will not share the same license and will occupy the prescribed number of credits.


Regarding the download of BETA LM v7.0 here

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